Stay Informed

There are many ways to stay informed about things happening in Cairo-Durham CSD.  You can read our website, visit our Facebook page, receive updates by phone calls, email, and even receive updates by text message.  Please feel free to sign up for as many or as few options as you'd like.



  • Phone Alerts - Get timely phone call notifications on your home phone and/or cell phone.  (Note: You will automatically receive phone alerts if your phone number is updated in SchoolTool.)
  • Text Message Alerts - Get timely notifications by text messages on your cell phone.  (Note: These are the same messages as our email alerts.)
  • Email Alerts - Get updates by email on your computer, cell phone or tablet.  (Note: These are the same messages as our  text message alerts.)


Grades (and more)

  • SchoolTool - If your students are in Grades 6 through 12, you can look up their homework, grades, attendance, missing assignments and more.  It even has an option to receive daily or weekly updates by email, if you prefer.


Sign Up for eNews

  • Click here to sign up for our quarterly eNews.  Get news about events, achievements, changes in the district, and more, delivered right to your inbox!


Social Media

  • Facebook Page - Get all the announcements from the website in your Facebook news feed.  Updates appear several times each day.  If you use Facebook regularly, this may be the easiest way to know what is happening.  (Note: This method is not as quick as the others.  For snow-closings, we recommend using text or email alerts instead.)
  • Twitter - We also maintain a presence on Twitter.  You can follow any of these accounts: @CairoDurham (district), @CairoDurhamHigh (High School), @CairoDurhamMS (Middle School), @CDElementary (Elementary School), @AthleticsCD (Cairo-Durham Sports)
  • Want to get our tweets but don't want to create your own Twitter account?  Follow these instructions to receive our tweets as text messages to your phone!