Responsible Adolescent Peer Program Raises Awareness for Teen Dating Violence

Students sit at table

Student leaders of the Responsible Adolescent Peer Program (RAPP) hosted a tabling event during lunches on February 14 to spotlight “teen dating violence awareness.”  

Students played a “health pong” game, completed anonymous surveys about teen relationships, and signed a “foot” to “recognize the signs-one step at a time” to end teen dating violence. The Public Health Department provided giveaways, including drawstring bags, t-shirts, chapstick, keychains and stress balls.

It was a fun lunchtime for all and we commended the RAPP students for their efforts to learn about and educate others on numerous public health issues. Survey results will be provided to the school principals once responses have been collated.

A big thanks to Emily Herpel, Noah Rummo Faulkner, Tristan Seiler and Daisy Makeley for helping with the contests. RAPP is sponsored by Greene County Public Health and Family Planning.