Chromebook Distribution Nights (August 2018)

Chromebook Distribution Nights August 22-28, 2018

Chromebook Distribution

(Grades 7-12)

As part of the district's Connected Classroom initiative, all students in Grades 7-12 will receive school-issued Chromebook laptops to use throughout the 2018-2019 school year.

To receive their devices, students and their parents/guardians MUST attend a Chromebook Distribution Night in order to review policies related to the use of school Chromebooks. Students will not be able to take their Chromebooks home unless a parent/guardian is present.

The full Chromebook Distribution schedule for Grades 7-12 is as follows (also available to download as a PDF):

Chromebook Distribution Schedule August 22-28, 2018




Other Notes

Wednesday, August 22, 2018 – 6 p.m.

Grade 9 (and siblings in high school, if any)

CDMS/HS auditorium


Thursday, August 23, 2018 – 6 p.m.

Grades 7 & 8 (no high school students) 

CDMS/HS auditorium


Monday, August 27, 2018 – 6 p.m.

Grades 10-12

CDMS/HS auditorium


Tuesday, August 28, 2018 – 6 p.m.

Grades 7-12

CDMS/HS auditorium

Last date for those who could not attend other dates


*A parent or guardian MUST attend the Chromebook Distribution Night with their child. Students will not be able to take their Chromebooks home unless a parent/guardian is present.

If you have children in multiple grades in the middle and high school, please attend the date specific for each grade (see table above). For example, if you have children in Grades 8 & 10, you will need to attend the distribution nights on August 23rd and August 27th. 

If you have questions about which night to attend, please contact the middle school office (518-622-0490) or the high school office (518-622-8543) with any questions.


To learn more, visit our Connected Classroom webpage for information about the district's new initiative, which will eventually provide all students at Cairo-Durham Middle/High School with their own Chromebook laptops to use throughout the school year.