Bus Routes as of August 31, 2016

Bus routes for all students as of August 31, 2016 are now available. Please call the Transportation Office at 622-2236 if you are having problems locating your child's pick up or drop off location or time.

Parents can be of great assistance by using the following guidelines:

  • Notify school/transportation office of any changes of address/phone numbers.
  • Notify school/transportation office in writing of alternate pick up or drop off location 1 day in advance.
  • Have children at their bus stop 5 minutes before scheduled pick up times.
  • Students in grades K-5 must have a parent/adult present at drop off.
  • Have children dressed properly for the expected weather conditions.
  • Do not approach the bus until it has stopped.
  • Wait until the driver gives the crossing signal before crossing the highway.

Cairo-Durham Elementary School bus routes (2016-17)

Cairo-Durham Middle/High School bus routes (2016-17)