Text & Email Alerts

Sign up for our alert service and receive notifications by text message, email, or both.  It's your choice!
We have different notification lists for different kinds of information.  You can sign up for as little or as much information as you want.  Just pick one or more and then follow the directions for each one that you want.

How to Sign Up

For text notifications, text the word "Join" to 56360.  You will receive a "thank you" reply text from SchoolConnects.  If you do not receive a reply text, you will need to call your school's office (see below) and request an update to your child's emergency contact record by providing a mobile phone number (for security purposes, only the phone numbers for registered parents/guardians can subscribe to this notification system--see more info below).  Please allow 24 hours for SchoolConnects to update before re-sending a "Join" text.  

A benefit of SchoolConnects is that it retrieves contact information directly from SchoolTool (our student information system); therefore, it is available to only parents, guardians or other approved contacts on file with the school. Since the new service requires contact information in our database, it can prevent unassociated parties from signing up for alerts (e.g., marketers, estranged parents). Students will not be able to sign up, however text alerts may sometimes be posted to the district Twitter account where students can receive them (as long as they follow the district, @cairodurham).

If you are unable to subscribe, please contact your school office:
High School Office:  (518) 622-8543
Middle School Office:  (518) 622-0490
Elementary School Office:  (518) 622-3231
For email notifications, if your contact information is already in SchoolTool you do not need to do anything.  If you are unsure, contact the school office to see if your email address is entered in SchoolTool. 

How to Stop Getting Updates

If you want to stop receiving text messages, text the word "Stop" to 56360.
To stop receiving email updates, "unsubscribe" directions are at the bottom of every message.

Other Ways to Stay Informed

There are several other ways to stay informed about things happening at Cairo-Durham CSD, including our website, eNews and social media pages.  Click here to learn more